Android Apps by my Students

GooglePlayI recently gave a course in Android App development. All the participants published their own Android Apps on Google Play. Below is a list of the Apps. Bear in mind some of these guys had never coded before. They had 13 weeks to prepare for the very robust and forensic Oracle Certified Professional – Java Programmer Certification. This was followed by 7 weeks of Android development. They conceived, designed, and wrote all the code themselves. Impressive.

And the list of Apps…

Irish Grid Reference – A simple app to convert GPS Latitude and Longitude to the Irish Grid reference system. Easy to use with a map.

Simple Fun – A simple game where the goal is to remove circles from the screen. If you miss a circle more get created elsewhere.

Vehicle Maintenance Schedule – Application to track your vehicle’s mileage. It will inform you of services required by the vehicle as they arise.

Dead Man Switch – Just what you’d expect from a Dead Man switch.

Kodaline – This is the OFFICAL Kodaline app for the musical band Kodaline.

GAA Team Sheet – This app allows managers to choose a team for their upcoming matches and sends it via SMS.

Word Quiz Tastic – learn new vocabulary to help you write more descriptive essays and poems.

Practical Shopping List – This simple practical app allows users to create and delete shopping lists. Use them while planning your grocery shopping.

Txt 2 English –  This app translates written English into text speak (txt spk) and vice versa. It allows text/txt to be sent as an SMS.

It’s an impressive list and shows what can be achieved in a relatively short space of time. With a little guidance and a decent dob of coding effort. I should note that a couple more Apps aren’t included in this list because of Non-Disclosure-Agreements with client companies.

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