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Apps Privacy Policy for my published Apps are on this page.

Irish Safety Cameras

Irish Safety Cameras

All of my Apps can be found on Google Play.

I do not collect any of your information. I have no interest whatsoever in your data 🙂

The Irish Safety Cameras app needs to determine your location, but this is not stored anywhere – not even on your device. The app does not have access to the internet, so your data is not shared with anyone else.


Antipodes – opposite sides of Earth

The Antipodes app stores the Podes location (which may or may not be your location) on the device and it is accessible only to the Antipodes app, and it is used by Google Play Services and Google Maps (check their privacy policy) to display it on the Map.

Get the App - Monty Hall Game

Get the free App – Monty Hall Game



The Monty Hall Game stores only information about the game i.e. which doors you chose, which doors Monty chose, which door had the Car and a timestamp. This information stored only on your phone (and possibly wherever you back that up), it is not available to other apps and is not available to any third parties.

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