More Android Apps by More of my Students

Here come the Android Apps

Here come the Apps

Following on from the success of the Android Apps from the first course I gave on App Development I had another fine batch of graduates who published their Apps.

All the Apps are free to download and are ad-free. These guys are too kind to you, so be kind to them 🙂

Here’s a list of the Apps and links…


Simple Stretching Exercises – No wonder it’s already >5k downloads and rating well, it does exactly what it says. Simple stretches with graphics and a description. Go on, you know you want to.

Irish Post – Track your package, or calculate the cost of delivery with this powerful App. Another great app that does the job well.

QB Stats Calculator – American Football Quarterbacks and their coaches can get a birds eye view of how the Quarterback is doing with this App which makes it easy to keep track of vital stats and calculate the “Passer Rating”.

App Paw Tizer – Got a pet dog and want to know if a particular food is safe – this App is for you (and your dog).

Leaving Cert Economics – Studying for the Irish Leaving Cert? This Economics App will help with your studying! The National Debt is testament to the fact we need some decent economists – so please get studying 🙂

Tides Ireland – Got that sinking feeling that the tide is going out on your life? No worries, this App will tell you when the two daily high and low tides are due in your Area (Ireland only), it’ll also tell you the tide heights!

 RNG – Random Number Game – Finish off with a bit of craic while you play against your friends. Who has the highest number wins, loser has to .. well you decide!

7 weeks dev time is all these guys had, and for all of them it was their first time working through a software development life-cycle. They all became Oracle Certified Java Developers too. Onwards and upwards. Respect to those who do the do.

I’m currently working with 24 more students on 11 Apps for client companies, but more on that next month! Suffice to say, it’s super exciting…



Android Apps by my Students

GooglePlayI recently gave a course in Android App development and all the participants published their own Android Apps on Google Play. Below is a list of the Apps. Bear in mind some of these guys had never coded before. They had 13 weeks to prepare for the very robust and forensic Oracle Certified Professional – Java Programmer Certification. This was followed by 7 weeks of Android development. They conceived, designed, and wrote all the code themselves. Impressive. And the list…

Irish Grid Reference – A simple app to convert GPS latitude and Longitude from the phone to the Irish Grid reference system for use with a map

Simple Fun – A simple game where the goal is to remove circles from the screen, if you miss a circle more get created elsewhere.

Vehicle Maintenance Schedule – Application to track your vehicle’s mileage and inform you of services required by the vehicle as they arise.

Dead Man Switch – Just what you’d expect from a Dead Man switch.

Kodaline – This is the OFFICAL Kodaline app for the musical band Kodaline.

GAA Team Sheet – This app allows managers to choose a team for their upcoming matches and sends it via SMS.

Word Quiz Tastic – With Word Quiz Tastic you will learn new vocabulary to help you write more descriptive essays and poems

Practical Shopping List – This simple practical app allows users to create and delete shopping lists, and use them while planning their grocery shopping.

Txt 2 English –  This app translates written English into text speak(txt spk)and vice versa,also allows it to be sent as an SMS.

It’s an impressive list and shows what can be achieved in a relatively short space of time with a little guidance and a decent dob of coding effort. I should note that a couple more Apps aren’t included in this list because of Non-Disclosure-Agreements with client companies.

Your Android Phone – Getting More Out Of It

Whether you just got a new Android phone, or think you should be getting more out of your existing phone, I’ll tell you how to get it working for you. A smartphone should make your life easier, more enriched, and dare I say it more enjoyable. You shouldn’t have to work your smartphone, it should work for you. In this article I outline some of the most essential tips on how you can maximise the power and safety of your new Android smartphone.

Disclaimer: I have no association with Google or any other company or app in this article. All views expressed are my own. fwiw I have an app available free on the Android App market: Irish Safety Camera Locations 🙂

Hello Android

Hello Android


Tip 1: Use Google Play Market

There are several Android app markets you can download apps from. As a newcomer to the Android ecosystem it is my advice that you stick with Googles own app market. Unlike Apple who must vet all new apps before making them available, Android apps are uploaded and available immediately for download. This is of course open to abuse. However Android Apps are now regularly scanned once they are on the market:


Tip 2: Check the Permissions for each App

To give users control over what an app can and can’t do on their phone, the user must grant permission to every app they install. So when you install an app you will be asked to confirm you accept the permissions the app is requesting e.g. Your Location, Network Communication, Your Personal Information, Storage, System Tools, etc. Use your own judgement. If an app that says it is e.g. a stopwatch, but upon installation requests permission to access your Personal Information and Network Communication – then alarm bells should ring!


Tip 3: Read the Reviews of the App BEFORE Installing

In my experience reading reviews on the Android market, comments can be quite tough, and sometimes are simply unreasonable. The upside of this is that, as a user, you know if an app has 4 stars ore more then it’s likely to be pretty good. You should also check how many people have given it a rating, and check how many downloads it has – in both cases the more the better.


Tip 4: Protect your Smartphone

Get insurance if you want, definitely get some kind of screen protector, and definitely install a security app (I recommend one below – it should be the first app you install). No harm to have a password or swipe sequence on your phone too, it will be a target for the thieving scum.


Tip 5: Read my Guide to Essential Android Apps

Some apps I use all the time, almost essential apps! Coming shortly…